About the Ocean Moods Series

Ocean Moods is a series that began after the oil spill of 2010. Many of the Gulf Coast beach areas were decimated. It was a traumatic experience for everything and everyone. I coped with the event by creating beautiful sand sea and sky paintings. The paintings are not about how the beach and waters looked in real time but more about how I feel about them, paintings from purely an interpreted approach to the subject. I started this series with the intention of creating 365 paintings, one painting for each day- a full glorious year of sand sea and sky paintings, “a year of ocean”. This is how and why the Ocean Moods series was born. I would love for you to follow along with me on this painterly vision quest. I add new paintings to the collection regularly, if you would like to be notified when they are available add your name to my studio news email list . I’ve also added a blog to my new web site as a way of sharing insights or thoughts about some of the new paintings when they post. 


 Studio and Gallery : open by appointment only. Located  27 miles from Grayton Beach Florida and the Scenic Hwy 30A beach area or 5 miles South of I-10 traveling South on Hwy 331 from Defuniak Springs Florida. Locate my gallery using Map Quest or Google Maps. Come visit, open Monday through Saturday with flexible hours, call, text or email to set a time. 


 About me: I am a full time professional artist living in the beautiful Florida Panhandle. I live close enough to the beach and emerald green waters of the Gulf of Mexico to enjoy it regularly but far enough away in the country where I have a little space, peace and quiet. I live with 6 big rescue dogs and a very verbal green parrot. When I’m not painting or doing gallery business I enjoy a walks on the beach, a little gardening, reading about health and wellness, riding my bike or walking the dogs.


About my art : How do I describe thoughts or emotions or things and events without using words?  how do I use the process of mark making as minimally as possible but still make an impact visually. As I’ve matured as a painter I seem to spend a lot of time thinking about how to pare down an idea to its most minimal form yet still have something interesting to say. My painting process is simply a dialog of my emotions and my mediums.  Building up layers of translucent and or opaque washes while using dynamic gestural strokes to create focal points. Working in short bursts of activity without a specific image in mind in the early stages I let the  painting kind of evolve into its own. As the painting eventually reveals itself I will more consciously direct it to a finish point. I try hard not to work it or finish it to death. I want the work to have a little mystery to it with just enough undone-unsaid so the viewer can engage in creating a finish or meaning in a personally meaningful way.